5 Reasons to Hire a Collection Agency

Accounts Receivable Collections

Wondering if it’s time to hire a collection agency? We often think of collection agencies in terms of the consumer market. For example, retail stores and credit card companies often hire a collection agency when their customers don’t pay their bills. However, professional debt collectors…

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3 Benefits of Combining Invoice Factoring and PO Financing

Benefits of Combining Factoring and PO Financing

Very few things excite business owners more than receiving large purchase orders. Unfortunately, the joy is often short-lived as reality sets in. How can you accept a large order when your bank account doesn’t have enough to cover supply costs? PO financing and factoring are…

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6 Leadership Secrets Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Leadership Secrets Inspire Motivate Envelope

Leadership Secrets: Leadership skills are essential for all aspects of your career, from securing a job to advancing your career. Even if you have been in a leadership role for several years, leadership development programs that help you build vital skills around effective leadership can…

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6 Common Challenges Startup Businesses Face

Common Challenges for Startup Businesses

About a million small businesses launch every year, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). More than three-quarters make it to the two-year mark, but certainly not without grit and the ability to overcome the multitude of startup challenges entrepreneurs face. Whether you’re already…

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