How to Use Customer Feedback to Boost Small Business Growth

Learn how to get the feedback you need and what to do with it in this detailed guide.

Customers are speaking up. Is your brand listening and turning their words into actionable strategies to grow your business? On this page, you’ll learn how to find and solicit customer feedback and what to do with the information you learn to boost your business growth….

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Handling Payment Delays as a Government Contractor

Explore how factoring provides a reliable bridge to ensure consistent cash flow.

Government contracts can be challenging to win and navigate, but they’re also some of the most lucrative and dependable contracts you can have. On this page, we’ll walk you through why you may experience delayed payments and cash flow challenges and how government contractor factoring…

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10 Smart Ways to Leverage AI in Customer Service

Learn why it's essential and what areas to focus on in this detailed guide.

Public opinion on artificial intelligence (AI) has shifted in recent years. Today, nearly three-quarters of people are comfortable leveraging an AI chatbot, and more than half say this extends into sensitive areas like medical and financial matters, a recent Qualtrics survey shows. More than half…

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Quick Guide: Invoice Factoring for Security Companies

A guide to invoice factoring for security companies.

Do you feel like managing cash flow for your security company is an uphill battle? It’s not you. It’s the nature of the business. An average of 119 days passes from the time a security services company extends credit until payment is received, according to…

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Focusing on Business Goals: 6 Ways to Stay Targeted

Graphical representation of SMART goals.

Nine out of ten businesses fail to reach the strategic objectives they set because they don’t implement well, Economist surveys show. While there isn’t a single barrier that can be blamed for the issue, it often comes down to maintaining focus. An idea may look…

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5 Proven Techniques for Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Increase revenue and employee satisfaction by fostering innovation in the workplace.

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, and others build windmills.” This ancient Chinese proverb rings true even today. However, one question lingers: is your business preparing to build walls or windmills? If you’re fostering a culture of innovation, you’re far more…

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