Charter Capital’s business invoice factoring solutions have been instrumental in driving companies toward success for the past two decades. We cater to a diverse range of industries, including staffing, transportation, manufacturing, security firms, and oilfield services. Our commitment to supporting businesses has made us a trusted partner in their growth journey.

How Black Storm Security Grew 56x Bigger in 7 Years

How Black Storm Security Grew 56x Bigger in 7 Years with Charter Capital

Charter Capital made it easy for Black Storm Security to cover payroll and other vital expenses as it grew, allowing the company to generate nearly $3 million in annual revenue in just seven years. Read more

Sometimes Pulido’s clients pay slowly. Here’s how Charter Capital helps them accept bigger contracts and pay the team on time despite it.

How Martin Pulido Trucking Lands Bigger Contracts and Makes Payroll with Help from Charter Capital

Martin Pulido Case Study – Charter Capital helps Martin Pulido Trucking accept more lucrative contracts and ensure employees are paid on time despite working with the longer payment windows their multinational corporate clients expect. Read more

How United Tank Services Doubled its Clients

How United Tank Services Doubled its Clients with Charter Capital

United Tank Case Study – Charter Capital helped United Tank Services double its clients and quadruple its workforce, while allowing the company to continue offering extended payment terms to maintain client satisfaction. Read more

Refinery pipelines, oil and gas engineers

A Case Study for the Oil & Gas Industry

One of the best ways to learn about the benefits of invoice … Read more

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