Small Businesses Fortifying Amid Economic Uncertainty

The majority of small business owners believe a recession is happening now or is imminent and that they are prepared to withstand it.

HOUSTON, January 10, 2023 – Leading invoice funding company Charter Capital says small business owners aren’t feeling optimistic about the economy, but most have taken steps to fortify their businesses and feel confident about their chances of survival. Additional coverage of the topic can be found in “Small Business Management: Weathering Economic Uncertainty Like a Pro,” which is now live on

The release comes on the heels of a CNBC report which reveals that 97 percent of small business owners feel the nation is currently experiencing a recession or will experience one by the end of 2023. Even still, 61 percent feel their business is prepared to withstand it if a recession were to occur.

“Many of today’s small business owners had to cope with issues like tight budgets, trouble making payroll, and difficulties obtaining financing during the pandemic,” explains Joel Rosenthal, Co-founder and Executive Manager at Charter Capital. “Some confidence is warranted. However, any upcoming challenges may not be the same as those previously faced, and the solutions that were effective before may not work going forward.”

Rosenthal notes that the pandemic also spurred record-breaking years for business creation, which means there are now millions of new small business owners still navigating the early stages of growth. He advises both groups to take a broad approach to preparation and engage in activities that will make their businesses stronger. 

“Simple steps, like automating repetitive processes for greater productivity and cost savings, and ensuring customers are happy now, will go a long way toward future-proofing a business,” Rosenthal notes.

He also suggests that small business owners line up funding options before they need cash, as traditional sources dry up during difficult economic times. Businesses are then often tempted to accept unfavorable terms to make ends meet and may wind up with excessive debt as a result. Invoice factoring, he says, is an ideal solution because it can be set up in advance. Then later, when working capital is tight, the company can accelerate payment on invoices to keep things running smoothly without taking on debt.

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