Sr. Vice President of Operations at Charter Capital, a leading invoice factoring company for small to mid-sized businesses. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Charter Capital provides accounts receivable financing and asset-based lending for major industries including freight and transportation, consulting firms, service providers, staffing firms, distributors and manufacturers, an oil and gas service companies.

Learn to Ride the e-Commerce Wave… or Else

B2B ecommerce

Amazon has unleashed an e-commerce tsunami that has caused waves of disruption in the retail industry. As a commercial vendor engaged in B2B sales, you may think you’re not affected by Amazon. After all, you sell widgets, not books. Think again. Amazon has established a…

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How Can Freight Factoring Fund Your Trucking Business?

Increase your freight business profit

Insufficient or uneven cash flow can prevent your business from meeting its full potential and even stunt your long-term growth as a company. Trucking businesses face a number of unique challenges when trying to grow their business, including fuel costs, inventory, and more. Fortunately, your…

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Bottom Line: Prepare Now for the Next Downturn

Prepare Now for the Next Downturn

Not long ago, a well-known professional wrestler had a popular catchphrase he would shout out during TV promos. “That’s the bottom line, ‘cause Stone Cold Steve Austin said so!” This meant the audience could bank on what the hulking grappler had said would come true,…

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Put Some Wind in Your Sails During the Slow Season

Business weathering slow down

Mariners once dreaded sailing the seas around the Earth’s equator. Not for the heat or the sharks or the waves. Rather for the lack of wind. Sailing ships would often become stuck for days or weeks, unable to move due to the shortage of any…

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