Texas’ Strong Economy, Pro-Business Attitude Make It a Top State for Truckers

Trucking companies prosper in Texas

Keep on truckin’. That’s the message the Lone Star State sends over-the-road owner-operators looking to make it big in the transportation and logistics business.

In 2016, more than 3,000 trucking industry professionals throughout the U.S. were surveyed to determine the best and worst states to own and drive a truck. The survey revealed Tennessee as the nation’s best for truckers, with California “raking the leaves” at the back end of the convoy.

The survey factored several items to determine its rankings. These included cost of overnight parking, fees/regulations, if location in the U.S. mattered, and how friendly states were to drivers. Texas finished a solid fourth in the best state’s derby. Were there to be another survey, it’s likely the state could finish higher thanks to the state’s “put the hammer down” pro-business attitude and economy.

Texas benefits from a strong economic base that often booms when times are good and weathers slow times better than the rest of the nation. This creates and sustains demand for consumer and industrial goods and products, goods and products that must be transported over the road. Small trucking companies have plenty of opportunities to compete for these loads, even outfits new to the market. In addition, Texas is home to three of the nation’s largest cities and one of America’s biggest ports. It’s no surprise that Texas cities ranked among the Top 10 in several freight transportation categories in a 2018 trucking survey by DAT Solutions.

The Lone Star State also has a business-friendly agenda. This means fewer laws and regulations that add to costs, sap cash reserves and make doing business harder. These include complex labor and environmental laws that can be burdensome for trucking companies of all sizes, but smaller ones in particular.

In 2018, Texas won CNBC’s annual Top State for Business in America award. It was the fourth time Texas has won top prize in the award’s 12-year existence. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott explains:

“When given the freedom to aspire, Texans risk their own capital and invest in themselves and others by opening businesses large and small. And success is contagious. New business formation in Texas is at a five-year high. Start-ups are growing here right alongside Fortune 500 companies and more than 2.6 million small businesses. It’s no surprise that Texas is ranked by CEOs as the best state for doing business, now for the 14th year in a row. As one Texas entrepreneur puts it: ‘If you like big ideas … build your business in Texas.’”

Meanwhile, Texas placed third in a similar Forbes magazine survey of best states for business.

Texas’ low business taxes and lack of an income tax make it an attractive place to open a business of any size. It’s a top state in terms of access to the capital a business like a trucking outfit needs to expand and grow.

Texas is a big place with tens of thousands of miles of highways. The state has invested heavily in infrastructure and roads in both rural and urban areas. Better and less congested roads make a trucker’s job easier.

Whether you’re eastbound and down, westbound or any other direction, Texas should rank high on your list of places to locate a trucking firm. 

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