Co-founder and executive manager of Charter Capital specializing in accounts receivable factoring dedicated to fast, solution oriented funding to satisfy working capital needs of most B2B businesses in manufacturing and service industries, including but not limited to businesses in transportation, staffing, security, maintenance, repair, wholesalers, distribution, fabrication, industrial labor, and oil & gas.

10 Keys to Delivering Great Customer Service

A blackboard with the keys to customer service written on it

When was the last time you had a really great customer service experience with a company? The type that leaves you smiling and excited to return? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? While most business owners understand that excellent customer service is the lifeblood of…

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How Invoice Factoring Can Help You Expand Your Business

Invoice Factoring Helps Expand Your Business

Invoice factoring or accounts receivable financing is often leveraged by small businesses as a way to get the working capital necessary for expansion. However, if you haven’t heard of the concept before, you’re missing out on all the benefits a factoring company can offer. Below,…

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How to Finance an IRS Business Lien by Factoring

Finance an IRS Business Lien by Factoring

Already have an IRS business lien or worried the government will file one? Often the result of unpaid payroll taxes or other tax issues, liens can stall business growth and make it much harder to pay debts no matter how diligent or dedicated you are….

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7 Tips to Increase Your Freight Business’s Profit

Increase your freight business profit

Profit margins have always been slim for freight businesses, but the pandemic brought this issue to a whole new level. As carriers and companies in the trucking industry adapt to challenging economic times and strategize their recovery, cutting expenses has been at the forefront of their…

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