Small Business Owners Optimistic; Exploring Expansion Again

Fueled by optimism about the future, Main Street is exploring business expansion opportunities again, industry insiders say.

HOUSTON, February 9, 2023 – Leading invoice funding company Charter Capital says a shift in optimism among small business owners is fueling expansion initiatives on Main Street again. Full coverage of the topic can be found in “8 Telltale Signs it’s Time to Expand Your Business,” which is now live on

The latest report comes on the heels of a Small Business Majority survey which indicates that, although concerns such as inflation and obtaining working capital persist, six in 10 small business owners are optimistic about their business prospects in the coming months. 

“There’s still a divide in small business recovery,” explains Gregory Brown, Co-founder and Executive Manager at Charter Capital. “There are some industries, such as manufacturing, that haven’t bounced back yet, but most have and the adversity they’ve overcome is creating confidence.”

Brown says that his experiences align with survey data which indicates 75 percent of small business owners are having at least some difficulty obtaining capital. Yet, he notes that this is representative of the fact that most try to secure capital through traditional funding sources such as bank loans, as opposed to alternatives like invoice factoring, which has much higher approval rates.

The primary difference, Brown contends, is that businesses were largely seeking capital to cope with cash flow gaps caused by slow-paying clients and inflation in recent history. Now, there’s greater demand for capital to assist with business expansion.

“Demand is exceeding supply across a number of sectors,” Brown continues. “In many cases, small businesses simply can’t keep up without securing working capital to get a larger space, purchase additional supplies, or address recruitment initiatives.”

Brown says that invoice factoring is an ideal working capital solution in these cases because approval isn’t contingent upon the business’s credit score and other stringent requirements banks usually have. Instead, B2B invoices are purchased at a discount, and cash is sent to the business right away. The balance is cleared when the customer pays the invoice, so the business doesn’t have any debt to pay back either. It’s free to move forward and grow.

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