Business Leaders Find Success by Refocusing on People in 2022

Experts say business leaders returning to fundamentals of relationship-building and people-focused behaviors to outperform peers this year and beyond.

HOUSTON, February 23, 2022 – Leading invoice funding company Charter Capital says 2022 will be a people-focused year for successful business leaders. While recent times have required significant shifts to cope with supply chain issues and changes to consumer behavior brought on by COVID and the uncertain economy, business leaders that find success going forward will do so through reconnecting with the humanistic aspects of leadership. The company’s article, “7 Ways Business Leaders Can Prepare for Success in 2022,” outlines specific steps stakeholders can take to ensure a bountiful year and is now live on

Known as the “Great Resignation,” last year marked a period in which roughly a quarter of employees quit their jobs per CNBC. People are re-evaluating what they want from their careers and preferences have shifted more toward concerns like work-life balance and flexibility. To hold on to top talent, businesses must meet these new needs and create better internal development programs to cultivate stronger employee relationships.

“Business leaders must still be ready to pivot,” says Charter Capital Co-Founder and Executive Manager Gregory Brown. “New consumer behaviors are still taking shape, and opportunities are constantly evolving. However, those finding success right now are making a point of refocusing on the people who make or break their business—employees, vendors, and customers alike.”

Brown notes that consumer loyalty has been shaken too. He draws on data from Forrester that concludes more than 80% of brands are boosting their investment in loyalty by 5% or more this year, but also says he sees similar trends within their own customer base.

“It’s often little friction points in the customer experience that are cause for concern today,” Brown expands. “The more businesses do to make it easier for customers to do business with them, the better they’re performing. Simple things, like improving the payment process or making sure customer support is available and can resolve concerns on the first try are huge.”

Brown says that businesses can address cash flow concerns and improve relationships through invoice factoring. “By accelerating payments, leaders are less stressed and have the cash to put toward critical employee programs, plus can provide their clients with better service.”

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