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A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) seems attractive. You get the large sum of money you need to keep your trucking company running and the lenders take an agreed upon amount from your bank account for so many weeks until the loan is paid. But beware, the reality is that MCAs are a sale of a share of your trucking company’s future profits.

Merchant Cash Advances vs. Invoice Factoring: Why Freight Factoring is Better

With invoice factoring, the advance you receive on your invoices is based on actual sales rather than a prediction of future sales. This means your trucking business will benefit from the same quick cash flow and simplified approval process as an MCA with significantly less risk. 

Since merchant cash advances use a prediction rather than an actual dollar amount, you may be forced to make huge payments if your sales don’t meet your projections (usually with much higher interest rates than invoice factoring rates). Payments may even continue beyond the period in which you generate revenue, which could pose a larger problem. In contrast to merchant cash advance brokers, who charge you both the payment amount and a crippling interest rate, invoice factoring companies only charge a small percentage of the invoice amount (the factoring fee).

You may also be able to benefit from the back-office services provided by invoice factoring companies, including billing and collections since they purchase your unpaid invoices and collect payments directly from your customers.

Make sure you understand the short- and long-term implications of taking out a merchant cash advance before you commit. In desperate situations, their interest rates may seem worthwhile but be aware that anything that looks too good to be true, usually is.

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