Is the U.S. Economy Slowing?

US Economy Slowing

Last month we discussed the continued optimism of American small business owners as 2018 draws to a close.  As that article mentioned, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 4Q small business index measured a strong 69.3, just six-tenths of a point down from its all-time…

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Five Trends That Could Affect Your Small Business by 2020

What's Next? Small Business Trends

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a sure-fire business idea, manufacturing crystal balls would be a good one. Everyone wants to know what is going to happen in the future. Unfortunately, few people have a consistent knack for accuracy. Still, by carefully reviewing recent…

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Still Looking For Financing?

Chasing financing

Many Small and mid-sized companies that are looking to grow are still running into difficulties when looking for financing: Loans are still hard to come by but invoice factoring may help.

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Solutions for Small Business Bankers 2022

Invoice Factoring Frequently Asked Questions

Charter Capital is a non-bank provider of working capital funds and accounts receivable factoring services to small businesses. Commercial bankers regularly refer to Charter Capital their small businesses customers constrained in their ability to qualify for conventional financing. By employing its factoring services, Charter Capital…

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Space and Small Business – the Final Frontier of Profits?

Space and Small Business – the Final Frontier of Profits

Space and small business – the final frontier. There practically isn’t a person alive today who doesn’t know this famous opening line from the original Star Trek series. When first uttered on American televisions in September 1966, space seemed like a faraway, exotic place full…

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