Smaller Lenders Feeling Squeeze Of Credit Crunch

The Wall Street Journal: “Smaller Lenders Feeling Squeeze Of Credit Crunch

Smaller Lenders Feeling Squeeze Of Credit Crunch

Smaller Lenders Feeling Squeeze Of Credit Crunch

Invoice Factoring from Charter Capital is your Alternative when lenders say “No”

As banks continue to “tighten up” their lending practices due to continued pressure from federal and state bank examiners, small business owners are finding in increasingly difficult to secure the financing they need to grow their business.

The Difference Factoring Makes
An increasingly popular way that small business owners secure capital for their growing business is factoring. Invoice factoring (also known as Accounts Receivable Financing) is the practice of selling your accounts receivable (invoices) at a discount to another company like Charter Capital. You immediately get the money from Charter Capital and we collect on the invoices.

It is important for small business owners to know that factoring is not a loan and will not show up as debt on the company’s balance sheet.

With factoring, you are free from many of the restrictions placed upon your business by traditional bank financing such as loans or lines of credit. Most importantly, with factoring, you are free to grow without having to give up equity or control of your business. This is because factoring Accounts Receivable is technically the sale of an asset, and the funding you receive from us is not debt, but a cash asset.

In today’s competitive marketplace, getting debt-free funding in the form of factoring can give businesses the edge they need to succeed.

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