Charter Capital Predicts Continuation of Widespread B2B Invoice Delinquencies

The invoice factoring company cautions small-business owners to brace themselves, as the economic impact of COVID is likely to cause cash flow shortfalls well into 2022.

HOUSTON, April 19, 2021 – Leading factoring company Charter Capital is urging owners of small and midsize companies to prepare for an extended wave of delinquent payments in the B2B sector. Company officials predict the uncertain economy is likely to cause cash flow shortfalls well into next year.  Full findings are available to read in “How Do You Know Your Clients Won’t Leave You with Unpaid Invoices?” at

The problem is twofold, the organization’s business funding specialists say. Not only are businesses struggling to pay their invoices, but lending sources are tightening up in anticipation of extended hardship.

“Small and midsized companies have always had more difficulty securing vital funding,” explains Charter Capital Co-Founder and Executive Manager Gregory Brown. “They often don’t have the time in business, credit score, or connections it takes to get a traditional business loan.”

“Today’s challenges are even greater and it’ll take time for the economy to recover,” Brown says. With Wall Street Journal reporting a 26 percent increase in business bankruptcies and Business Insider noting 55 percent of temporary closures now becoming permanent, every link in the supply chain is feeling the impact. Slow payments and non-payments are on the rise as a result and the Federal Reserve’s latest survey shows banks are raising the requirements to get loans in response.

“It’s not a question of if you’ll have late payments,” the industry veteran contends, “it’s what you’ll do when it happens.” However, Brown believes businesses that are prepared for slower payments can develop an advantage over competitors and come out stronger in the end.

“Now more than ever, businesses should focus on service,” Brown notes. “Follow up with late payers, incentivize good payment behaviors, and work with customers for a positive resolution,” he advises business leaders. “This builds better relationships and stronger businesses as a result.”

Brown says options like invoice factoring can help reduce the strain of late payments. Charter Capital, which recently announced a new $10 million working capital fund to provide qualified B2B businesses adversely impacted by COVID-19 with invoice factoring at no charge for the company’s initial services, hopes to play a role in the recovery process.

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