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Don’t wait weeks or months for money you’ve already earned. Get same-day funding with invoice factoring.

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Improve Your Cash Flow

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Cashflow is the lifeblood of all businesses but it sometimes takes weeks or months to receive payment for work you’ve already performed. Invoice factoring, sometimes referred to as invoice financing, can provide you with cash for your unpaid invoices in as little as a day, so you can keep doing what you do best.

Tap into the Working Capital Trapped in Your Unpaid Invoices

Invoice factoring is simple. You choose which invoices you want to factor and send them to us. We send you payment for them right away—in as little as a day. Then, you use the cash however you need to use it. Pay your bills. Cover payroll. Take on new work. Accept more orders. Apply it to growth. The options are endless. Whatever you choose, we’ll be the ones waiting for payment from your clients in the background, giving you the freedom to move forward and thrive.

Grow Stronger with Invoice Funding

Although invoice funding companies each work a bit differently, many of the core benefits are the same.

Instant cashflow. Quickly get the cash you need to cover your daily operations or grow.
No debt. Factoring is not the same as traditional invoice lending. It’s not a loan and there’s nothing to pay back. You’re just getting payment for your invoices faster.
Easy qualification. Because it’s not a loan, there’s less red tape and even companies with credit issues can qualify.
No chasing invoices. Free yourself from the exhausting, time-consuming, and costly process of collecting.

Get More Value by Partnering with
Charter Capital, a Leading Factoring Company

When you choose Charter Capital as your invoice factoring company, you’ll see even more benefits.

Same-day funding.
Get cash for your invoices when you need it most.

No long-term contracts.
Choose which invoices you factor and when to factor.

Competitive rates.
Keep even more money in your pockets.

No hidden fees.
Our pricing structure is straightforward, so you always know what you’ll pay from the start.

With decades in the industry, we understand the needs of businesses like yours and want to see you grow.

Your dedicated account manager is always here to help with your factoring needs, checking the credit worthiness of your customers, and more.

No credit score.
There’s no minimum credit score required, so anyone can be approved.

Up to 100% advances.
Get your cash up front with our high advance rates.

Free credit reports.
Make informed decisions about clients knowing their creditworthiness.

Free collections services.
Free yourself from the chore and expense of chasing payments.

Instant approval.
Receive your factoring quote and terms the same day you apply.

No sign-up fees.
Start factoring and get the cash you need without spending a dime.

Applying for factoring and setting up your account is quick and easy.

Digital invoice processing.
Tap into a powerful invoicing system that makes processing a breeze.

Se Habla Español.
Do business using your preferred language.

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